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The Parker-Hore Archive Collection of Watercolours of Paving-tiles
held in Worcester and in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
County/Country = Derbyshire AND Town/Village = Bakewell
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County: Derbyshire Click on Image to see original watercolour
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Town/Village: Bakewell
Place Details:  
Artist and Date: F Barker 1852 June
Iconography: Heraldic
Copied from (Collection): BAJ VII p 389 pl XLII
Watercolour Ref. No.: D005
Notebook: FMP  
Portfolio: Jas P,  
Notebook: IH 3
Other details: Three tracings, Fig 6 bears the arms of Folyjambe sable a bend between three escallops or. Fig 7 bears the arms of Breton, argent a chevron, between three escallops gules; the family of the Bretons were settled at Walton, near Chesterfield, for several generations; but the male branch became extinct in the early part of the 14th century, when the heiress married Sir John Loudham; the co-heiress of whom, by marriage about AD 1392, brought the estates in moities to the Folyjambes and Beckerings; the Folyjambes eventually became possessed of the whole of the estates of the Bretons and Loudhams. In the church of Bakewell is a fine monument to Sir Godfrey Folyjambe. Fig 8 is restored from a fragment bearing two dragons combatant, placed diagonally on the tile. Fig. 9 see Repton Pate XLI Fig 1 a four tile design. Fig 10 see Repton Plate XLI Fig 3 a four tile design. The tiles themselves for the most part are now preserved in the porch of the church where they have been placed by the direction of Mr. F Barker. From which the engravings are made (L. Jewitt).
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