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The Parker-Hore Archive Collection of Watercolours of Paving-tiles
held in Worcester and in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
County/Country = Derbyshire AND Town/Village = Repton
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County: Derbyshire Click on Image to see original watercolour
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Town/Village: Repton
Place Details:  
Artist and Date: L Jewitt 1852 January
Iconography: Fleur de lys, quatrefoil, rosette, rose, cross, knot
Copied from (Collection): BAJ VII p 384
Watercolour Ref. No.: D028
Notebook: FMP  
Portfolio: Jas P,  
Notebook: IH 2
Other details: Two tracings. The accompanying plates of encaustic paving tiles, selected from examples exhibited in the temporary museum of the congress of the Association at Derby, and from others dug up in the excavations made during the congress by Sir Oswald Mosely and the Rev.Dr Peile, as well as from others noticed during some of the excursions - the series comprises specimens from the 13th to late in the 16th century. In Plate XLI the fine five patterns were dug up at Repton in the course of the excavations on the site of the priory, kindly undertaken and carried on by the Rev Dr Peile for the congress of the Association; the first three being engraved from fragments, presented to me by the doctor, and the other from two drawings made for me by his son Mr J B Peile. Fig 1 is one of a four tile pattern of the 13th century, forming a beaded quatrefoil of elegant design, with graceful foliage and birds; the same pattern occurs at Bakewell and will be seen on Plate XLII Fig 9 where the whole quatrefoil is shown. Fig 2 of the same period, is pecularly elegant and graceful in design, and must have had a rich and gorgeous effect when placed in the pavement, either as a separate set of four or when arranged for covering a large space.
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