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The Parker-Hore Archive Collection of Watercolours of Paving-tiles
held in Worcester and in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
County/Country = Somerset AND Town/Village = Bath
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County: Somerset Click on Image to see original watercolour
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Town/Village: Bath
Place Details: Abbey
Artist and Date: F Renaud 1884
Iconography: Heraldic
Copied from (Collection): Soc of Antiq Ren II p 120
Watercolour Ref. No.: T501A
Notebook: FMP  
Portfolio: Jas P,  
Notebook: IH 6
Other details: This highly glazed armorial tile copied from a specimen in the British Museum displays Heytesbury quarterly with Hungerford and hence although it proves to be a 15th century tile might be supposed to bear a date towards the latter half of the 13th century. Per pale indented gules and vert a chevron or. Heytesbury Sable three bars argent in chief three plates Hungerford. This tile may also be seen in several of the churches of Worcester and in Shrewsbury Abbey church. It represents the marriage of Walter de Hungerford of Heytesbury (jure uxoris) grandson of Everade de Hungerford living in AD 1166 with Maud daughter and heiress of John de Heytesbury of Wiltshire and is a rare though not unique example of the female armorial taking precedence of the male excutcheon. Walter de Hungerford of Heytesbury, son of the above was living in 1308. vide Hoaris Wiltshre. This tile was figured by H. Shaw in AD 1858 and by John Gough Nicholls AD 1845 and presumably it came from Bath Abbey. Mr Shaw displays it amongst 15th century tiles in Cangnes's House, Bristol.
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